What is Mechatronics Skill Competition in the WorldSkills about? And what do the mechatronics engineers do?


In the WorldSkills Competition 2022, Special Edition around 50 competitors will be competing in a skill Competition known as mechatronics.

In this article, we will discuss the following things:-

  • What is Mechatronics?
  • The responsibilities and duties of Mechatronics engineers.
  • What are the products of Mechatronics Engineering?
  • Where and when is the Skill Competition going to take place?

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics or Mechatronics engineering is a branch of engineering that combines many different disciplines including but not limited to Computer, Machine, and Electronics Engineering. Mechatronics focuses on both Electrical systems as well as Mechanical systems. 

Mechatronics uses Computer systems, Pneumatic systems, Control systems, robotics, Telecommunications, and electronics in order to develop new technologies in a range of industries, and Improve the existing technologies. Designing new technologies is also a big part of Mechatronics.

Mechatronics is a very flexible branch of Engineering as it combines different branches of engineering so the person who studies Mechatronics is able to lead his/her team with a unique perspective and a broader understanding of the project.

The responsibilities and duties of Mechatronics engineers.

Mechatronics engineers are some of the most versatile Engineers out there, Mechatronics Engineers are capable of working with teams of Mechanical engineers, teams of Electronics Engineers, and teams of engineers from multiple branches of engineering.

People who study mechatronics have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. They typically play a very fundamental role in the development of new products and use knowledge of different disciplines of engineering to play these roles like Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer engineering, Control system engineering, etc.

Here are some duties of a Mechatronics engineer:-

  • Development of new products to solve problems in a lot of different Industries using electronics, mechanics, and/or computers.
  • Improvement of the existing production processes to make them more efficient and easy to do using automation and robotics.
  • Testing of new mechatronics-based products to make sure of safety and sustainability.
  • Applying control systems to improve products both existing and new.
  • Designing and simulating mechatronic systems.

A mechatronics engineer works in a range of different industries like aerospace, Manufacturing, and Robotics.

Speaking of robotics read about the unveiling of the Tesla bot a humanoid robot called Optimus by the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk.

What are the products of Mechatronics Engineering?

A whole bunch of technologies in the present world are a result of Mechatronics but let us see some truly amazing technologies developed as a part of Mechatronics.

  • Sophia the Robot: Sophia is one of the if not the most famous Humanoid Robots, Clips of Sophia answering questions using AI have gone viral many times. Sophia is Officially the first ever robot to gain citizenship in any country. She is a Citizen of Saudi Arabia.
  • I-Limb: Biomechatronics is a newer sub-branch of Mechatronics and brings with it super exciting possibilities for people who are differently abled, people who lost their limbs in accidents, and war veterans who lost limbs while serving. The most sophisticated example of Biomechatronics is I-Limb.
  • Tesla Autopilot: That is right you have mechatronics to thank for self-driving vehicles, Now you can just set the location you want to go to and just sit back and relax while the car drives itself. Even the anti-locking brakes were possible only due to the mechatronics. Now Tesla is using the same AI as their car to train their humanoid robots.

Mechatronics and Biomechatronics are responsible for so many technologies ranging from the smallest of Hard Discs to the biggest of rovers roaming the planet mars and we would not be able to cover every technology that is a result of Mechatronics even if this was a 10000 word-long article.

Where and when is the Skill Competition going to take place?

The skill competition in mechatronics for the WorldSkills 2022 special edition is going to take place in Stuttgart, Germany. Whereas the timing and date of the skill competition can vary depending on where in the world you are situated so visit the Worldskills competition 2022 special edition website’s schedule section for the date of the skill competition.

For more information about the WorldSkills competition 2022 special edition visit their official website.

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