Everything you need to know about the skill competition known as Water Technology.


The need for improvements in water technology is growing very rapidly with the increase in population and WorldSkills understands that and Recognizes Water technology as a very important skill.

In this WorldSkills Competition 2022 special edition, there is going to be a skill competition in water technology and a total of 7 competitors will be participating in the skills competition.

In this article:-

  • What is water technology?
  • Some water technologies might help solve the clean water shortage problem.
  • Why is water technology so important?
  • Where and when is the skill competition in water technology going to take place?

What is water technology?

Water technology refers to any kind of technology that is associated with water-related works. A large portion of water technology is focused on water filtration. Clean water is important for the sustenance of any kind of human settlement from small towns to large cities.

Wastewater treatment has many steps and water technology is needed for all of them. From the collection of wastewater, and transportation of wastewater to the treatment of wastewater. Another big part of water technology is water transportation systems like the ones used to send water to people’s homes.

Another emerging kind of water technology is water collection technology. These are the type of water technologies used to collect fresh water from the atmosphere. Generally used in places where little to no groundwater is available.


Some water technologies might help solve the clean water shortage problem.

One in four people in the world does not have the access to a clean drinking water source. That statement alone is enough to show how big the problem of shortage of clean water is. A lot of organizations are working on technologies to tackle this problem.

Here are some fantastic technologies that are Helping solve the clean water shortage problem:-

  • Solar Powered Water Filtration: The shortage of clean water is not always due to the lack of water, sometimes it is due to the water being contaminated. In developing countries, sewage water is not treated properly and instead is generally sent to waterways. To tackle this problem  Innovative Water Technologies have developed solar-powered water filtration systems capable of filtering around 20,000 liters of water every day.
  • Zero mass water-water from the air: Zero mass water has developed a technology capable of pulling water out of the air, the device that is in the shape of a tower can generate around 20 liters of drinking water. The device itself is solar powered using solar panels as its source of energy.
  • Fog catcher: These days a lot of regions are reporting that all of their groundwater has been used up and entire villages are suffering from water shortage. This was the case for a region of morocco so to tackle the shortage a fog catcher was built. A non-profit, NGO by the name Dar si hmad is the one that built the fog catcher. With a capacity of capturing a whopping 63,000 Liters of water a day.


Why is water technology so important?

The most important aspect of water technology is water treatment as we know clean water is super important. And Water treatment technologies are also used to tackle the water shortage problem in many regions.

Water technologies like fog catchers and water from the air are also used for capturing water for use in places where no water sources are available. Some places in the world do not even have groundwater sources.

Wastewater discharge technologies are also very important, because if Wastewater is not treated and transported carefully the risk of clean water sources getting contaminated increases. In short:

  • Continuity, consistency, and safety of supply
  • Safe removal, treatment, and recycling of wastewater
  • Environmental protection.

Where and when is the Skill Competition in water technology going to take place?

The skill competition in Water technology for the WorldSkills 2022 special edition is going to take place in Stuttgart, Germany. Whereas the timing and date of the skill competition can vary depending on where in the world you are situated so visit the Worldskills competition 2022 special edition website’s schedule section for the date of the skill competition.

For more information about the WorldSkills competition 2022 special edition go to their website.

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