What is Hotel Reception skill all about, and why it is more important than you think?


Hotel Reception on the surface does not seem like a very important skill. But it might be more important than you think it is. And in this article, we will discuss why that is the case.

In this article:-

  • What exactly is Hotel Reception as a skill all about?
  • Why is Hotel reception skill so important?
  • Where and When is the skill competition for Hotel Reception is going to take place?

What exactly is Hotel Reception as a skill all about?

Hotel Reception is a skill that is focused on providing a good experience to travelers. And People seeking accommodation would naturally want a smooth experience. The job of a Hotel Receptionist is to do just that. Hotel Receptionists work mainly at the front desk of a hotel and have a range of skills.

These skills include general knowledge of tourist spots where the Hotel is located. Good conversational skills in both the local language as well as English. Some other skills include general computer literacy, good manners, social skills, etc.

The skills specific to the job of a Hotel receptionist include knowledge of procedures for reservations, reception, guest services, and check-out. Another skill that used to be very important is Cash handling. But since the rise of payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, etc. Cash handling has become a skill that is good to have but not that necessary.

Great Hotel Reception is also about making sure that the people that are visiting your Hotel for accommodation are met with the highest levels of courtesy and promptness right at the instance, they enter the Hotel.

If the Hotel Receptionist possesses these skills and uses them properly, the scope for a fulfilling career in any country with a tourism industry is great.


Why is Hotel reception skill so important?

  • From the perspective of the Hotel: Hotel Reception from the Point of view of the Hotel is very important as sometimes making a great first impression can go a long way. Great reception is a great tool to trigger the word of mouth marketing. Let us see with an example: People love to talk about how good of a time they had on their vacation and they love to go into detail and the hotel I stayed at was the best is a common thing to say. For the statement to be something said during a conversation The Hotel needs to make a strong first impression and the stay also needs to be comfortable. To make a strong impression a Great reception is mandatory. Word of mouth is the best marketing a Business could hope for.

Good Hotel reception also increases the chance for repeat customers. The Reception of the Hotel also directly impacts the Hotel’s reputation, good reception leads to a positive reputation.

  • From an economic perspective: Tourism, as an industry is a big part of GDP for a lot of countries according to 2019, reports Tourism Counts for almost 6.8% of Indian GDP Which is more than what India spends on Education each year. For countries like Aruba, it is around 30%, and for Australia, it is 15%. How good the tourism industry of a county does depends highly on the experience of the tourists. In the best scenario, even the Hotel could become a tourist spot. But for that, an extremely good experience is needed. Reception is a big part of that experience for most people. Reception with other things is very important for the tourism industry of any country to thrive.

Where and When is the skill competition for Hotel Reception is going to take place?

In the WorldSkills competition 2022 special edition, a total of 16 competitors will be participating in the Hotel Reception skill competition. The location for the skill competition is going to be Montreux, Switzerland. As for the dates of the skill competition, go to the following link to the schedule page of the official Worldskills competition 2022 special edition website.

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