What is CNC milling skill all about? Plus What is CNC machinery??


CNC Milling is a skill that is being used in all levels of enterprises from the smallest maintenance enterprises to the largest Automobile manufacturing enterprises.

In this article:-

  • What is CNC machinery?
  • What is CNC milling?
  • Start-to-end process of making a product using CNC milling.
  • Where and when is the skill competition in CNC milling going to take place?

What is CNC machinery?

CNC milling is a part of CNC machinery so before we talk about CNC milling let us see What is CNC machinery?

At first, tools were worked with the hands, then after a long time, mechanical automation was developed. mechanical automation means the tools continuously keep doing the same action again and again. Like moving back and forth or rotating. CNC technology is the next step in the automation of the tools that use a computer to control the machine.

CNC or Computer Numeric Control is a method of automation of tools control with software embedded in microcomputers attached to the tools. routers, grinders, Mills, lathes, and laser cutters are the most common machine tools whose operations can be automated with CNC technology.

It can also be used to control non-machine tools, such as welding sets, electronic assembly tools, and fluorescent lamp filament-winding machines.

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling refers to the process of shaping metal or other solid pieces like plastic into a product like Car parts, kitchen appliances, mobile phone parts, etc. by using CNC milling machines.

CNC milling machines are of two forms horizontal and verticles. Horizontal and Vertical refer to the position of the cutting tools. The finished product is created using the cutting machine but it also needs to be designed first.

The design of the product is done using Engineering drawings and software like CAD and CAM are also used. Then using some software the design is converted into a machine code.

CNC milling machines are multi-point rotating tools to progressively chip away at the workpiece. The workpiece can be in the shape of a block and made up of metal, wood, glass, plastic, etc.

Start-to-end process of making a product using CNC milling.

To make a finished product a CNC milling machinist has to do a number of things in a sequence:

  • Interpreting engineering drawings made by the engineer and following the specifications provided in the drawing.
  • Generating programs and different processes in the Computer-Aided Design software/CAM software and/or G and M codes.
  • Setting up tools that are used for cutting, tools used for holding the workpiece, and the workpiece on the CNC milling center.
  • Continuously manipulating the milling condition according to the workpiece as different materials react differently to the milling process.
  • As the milling process continues the machinist also makes sure the dimension requirements are being met.
  • Optimizing the process to meet the demands of the product which can be mass production of the product or one-of-a-kind product.

Depending on the product and the workpiece some extra steps might be added but in general, above are the steps taken by CNC Milling Machinists for making a product using CNC milling.

Where and when is the skill competition in CNC milling going to take place?

CNC Milling is an important skill for a wide range of industries and the demand for CNC milling Machinists has increased. Machinists keep the sophisticated machining centers running, make sure the program works properly, and operate the machines. Worldskills understands the importance of CNC Milling as a skill.

That is why this Worldskills competition 2022 special edition the WorldSkills is having a skill competition in CNC Milling. A total of 23 competitors will be competing in the skill competition that is going to be held in Leonberg, Germany.

To find out the dates of the skill competition click the following link and go to the schedule page of the official WorldSkills Competition 2022 special edition website. The date and time of the skill competition can vary depending on where in the world you are from.

CNC milling machinists are needed in the largest automobile manufacturing enterprises, medium-sized mold, and cast-making enterprises, in the smallest enterprises in the maintenance field.

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