What is Industry 4.0 skill competition in The WorldSkills all about? And the possibilities of Industry 5.0.


Industry 4.0 or the Fourth industrial revolution is largely associated with cyber-physical systems and includes industries that hope to drastically improve various industrial processes like designing, manufacturing assembly, sharing information, etc.

In this article:-

  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • What are some 4.0 Industries?
  • The possibilities of Industry 5.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 also known as the Fourth Industrial revolution refers to a phase of rapid development of new technologies that have forever changed how global production and supply work, It also includes the improvement of the Industrial apparatus we had at the end of Industry 3.0.

Industry 4.0 is also about the modernization and automation of the production and assembly lines with the help of robotics and machines which are capable of detecting any issues within their systems without the human intervention

The things Industry 4.0 brought can be summed up using 4 key points:-

  • Interconnection- The connection of the man, machine, and sensors with the help of the internet, allowing things like remote control over the machines and sharing information over large distances at a few clicks.
  • Information transparency- Since the machines are now connected to the internet and a lot of sensors it has now allowed the operators to collect all sorts of data and helped make the decisions very easy. Because now instead of working on data from one part of the Industrial apparatus you can get data from every part of it.
  • Technical assistance- Now with the advancements in all sorts of technologies, systems in machines could help humans in decision making and solving complex problems. Machines could now also help with dangerous tasks which had to be done by humans previously.
  • Decentralized decisions- Now with the rise of Industry 4.0 Machines could do most of their tasks autonomously, for the most part, only in the case of exceptions, a conflict of interests, or interference a higher authority would need to make the decisions, that too now could be done remotely thanks to the internet.

What are some 4.0 Industries?

Now that you know what Industry 4.0 brought let us some industries that are part of the fourth Industrial revolution.

  • Internet of things(IoT): This industry deals with the system of things connected to each other with the help of the internet and is capable of sharing data in real time with the help of embedded sensors. If done in the context of Industrial apparatus it is also known as IIot or Industrial Internet of Things.
  • Cyber-physical systems(CPS): This Industry is all about developing Cyber-physical systems that are an integration of Physical systems with different networks and computation systems, to control physical processes, and with the help of feedback adapt them to new conditions in real-time.
  • Smart factories: Smart factories Industries deal with the designing and building of smart factories that use Cyber-physical systems, and the Industrial Internet of things technologies to constantly record and store data to improve processes taking place in the factory with the help of other 4.0 Induries’ technologies. Smart factories are also connected to digital systems so it is easy to access the data stored.
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI): AI industry might be the most impactful industry in every aspect of our existence, we are surrounded by AI everywhere from Siri to Alexa, and even some cars now have automatic driving and braking systems. Some AI is also trained to solve problems that human beings just can’t because the amount of data needed to analyze the problem could be in terabytes. AI can also be used to Improve the efficiency of very complex systems like smart factories.

The possibilities of Industry 5.0.

Some people are already talking about the possibilities of Industry 5.0 and what might be the biggest industries for Industry 5.0. But first, every technology that we already have in Industry 4.0 would likely be developed further.

AI is definitely going to be one of the biggest industries in Industry 5.0 along with robotics and we might finally see substantial developments in Humanoid robotics because a certain famous car company has just revealed their humanoid robot, the robot was walking, waving, and even busted a dance move on stage read about it here.

Also, check about the WorldSkills 2022 special edition, they are going to have a skill competition in Industry 4.0 real soon.

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