Tesla CEO Elon musk revealed Tesla’s Humanoid robot Optimus on the AI day 2022.


Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, a Tech billionaire, the man who is behind the reusable rockets, and Neuralink has unveiled a humanoid robot named Optimus on AI day 2022, last year on AI day Elon Musk announced the plans for the robot, and that he believes the robot is going to revolutionize the company’s assembly line.

In this article:- 

  • Who is Optimus the robot?
  • Unveiling of Optimus the Tesla bot.
  • Why do we even need a Humanoid robot?
  • Why people are so excited about Optimus when there are already some better Humanoid robots

Who is Optimus the robot?

Tesla bot or Optimus is a concept for a Humanoid robot that is gonna be a general-purpose robot, it was announced on AI day 2021 by Elon Musk at the time of the first announcement it was nothing more than a guy in a robot suit but now the bot has come long ways and has had multiple prototypes developed over the past 8 months.

The latest generation of the Optimus is said to be fairly close to the first unit that will be available in the market and comes with a 2.3 kWh battery pack in the chest so Optimus literally has a heart, According to Elon Musk, the robot should cost less than 20,000 American dollars less the Tesla’s electric cars.

The robot uses the same self-driving computer as Tesla’s self-driving Cars, even the process of training the neural network of the Robot is very similar to the Neural network of the Telsa EVs but the data used in training is different, The robot has 28 actuators and a Tesla actuator is capable of lifting a half-ton piano.

Unveiling of Optimus the Tesla bot.

The Back doors of the stage opened and there was a very rough prototype of the Optimus known as Bumble C, C walked on the stage and even busted a dance move “ raise the roof”. Then some clips of C were shown doing different tasks picking up and putting down boxes, watering the plants, etc.

Then the latest generation prototype of the Optimus was shown which looked much more human than C, but sadly this version of Optimus is not capable of walking yet but it is learning to walk and should be able to start walking in a few weeks.

Some features of the latest generation of the Optimus were showcased by the different people from Tesla like the Battery pack, actuators, the brain of the bot, etc. Watch it here.

Why do we even need a Humanoid robot?

The possibilities for the use of Humanoid robots are practically endless but some of the uses that Elon Musk has mentioned over the years are as follows:-

  • Optimus robots can and likely will be used to completely revamp and revolutionize the assembly lines for factories and mega factories.
  • Optimus the robot butler is also a very real possibility as it is inevitable that over the years of development robots will be able to cook and clean.
  • NSFW alert! perhaps not Optimus itself but in an interview with TED, Elon Musk admitted that it is inevitable someone is going to build a sex robot, and considering the increasing number of incels it might not take even a long time.
  • Elon Musk has also promised the internet that he is going to make catgirl robots, who is going to buy them, I don’t know.

Why people are so excited about Optimus when there are already some better Humanoid robots?

There are quite a few reasons for the excitement surrounding Optimus:-

  • The fact Elon Musk is responsible for Optimus is a big one since Elon Musk has done quite a few extraordinary things in the past like reusable rockets, Electric Vehicles, Neurallink, etc.
  • Optimus is going to be mass-produced and just the thought of having a humanoid robot is quite exciting to a lot of people, the price point is also in the affordable range when compared to even the Tesla cars.
  • The fact that the Optimus is going to be a general-purpose robot capable of many different things like cooking, cleaning, etc. Plus the possibility of a catgirl variant is also rather exciting.

The future is looking exciting with new developments in AI, Robotics, VR, etc. And with the reveal of Optimus, it seems Tesla is now going to be at the heart of robotics in the future.

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