How to write amazing fascination plus the 7 templates I use to write killer fascinations.


Fascinations are powerful sentences that are used everywhere in copywriting in headlines, CTA (call to action), subheads, etc. Why you should read and head my tips and templates for amazing fascinations. This is also an example of fascination.

In this article:-

  • Step-by-step method of writing fascinations.
  • 7 fascination templates I use to write killer fascinations.
  • How to make your fascinations powerful?

Step-by-step method of writing fascinations.

Whenever I have to write a piece of copy the first thing I do is sit down and write at least 50 fascinations so I have these powerful sentences to use throughout my copy and keep it interesting.

Here is how I write Fascinations:-

  • Research:- First step to writing any copy is research and the amount of research depends on how long the copy is, your knowledge about the product, and how much you care about the project. Research in itself is a very deep topic so we will talk about it in the next article that will be about How to do research for copywriting? And more importantly what to research?
  • Writing the fascinations:- Once I am done with research I look at the fascination templates and in a deep work session of around 45 minutes I write as many fascinations as I can only worrying about quantity. Then I go through them and chose the 20 best fascinations if I am writing a short form copy, and if I am writing a long-form copy I would do 4 deep work sessions and choose at least the 50 best fascinations.

⭐ Deep work session is just getting rid of all the distractions and focusing full brain capacity to just do the work. Keeping the sessions short helps in keeping consistent quality.

7 fascination templates I use to write killer fascinations.

  • The “how to” template: this fascination template is all about tapping into people’s curiosity with how-to questions, here is an example How to write killer fascinations using the 2-step technique?
  • The “what” template: This fascination template uses exact information as the promise to the reader example What is the one thing stopping you from losing 20 kilos?
  • The “Number” template: similar to the “what” template this is also all about the specificity of information example The seven little-known signs of internal bleeding and what to do about each.
  • The “Right Wrong” template: This template is divided into two parts first is a statement that seems like it could be true followed by a wrong here is something else you should know example If I just exercise daily I will start losing weight Right? Wrong! you also need a good diet and here is why.
  • The “quickest, easiest” template: This template is all about promising an easy or quick way to solve a problem example The quickest method of mastering mat wrestling, plus the best moves you need to win a gold medal.
  • The “Sneaky” template: This template is all about telling the reader that there are some sneaky things professionals do. Example Sneaky little secret techniques the doctors use to stay fit even when surrounded by sick people.
  • The “Plus” template: This template is about giving your prospect more and more it is like saying here is something you might like plus I will give you this. Example How to do research for copywriting in the easiest way possible? Plus the list of my favorite sites for research. This is an example of a plus template and it might also be the headline of the next article on copywriting that will be published next friday.

How to make your fascinations powerful?

There are a lot of different ways of going about making your fascination powerful some are as follows:-

  • Combining templates: What you can do is take 2 or more templates and write fascination by combining them the easiest template to get started with experimenting with mixing fascination templates is the Plus template because it is literally writing a fascination adding plus and writing another fascination.
  • Improving your vocabulary: Now this is something you will need to do only if you have not done the research properly, but even if you have done proper research still having some strong words in your vocabulary helps just make sure words are not too complicated.

⭐ Another way of making your fascination more powerful is by using something called the value equation, I will talk about it in a future article.

If you have not read last week’s articles read it here.

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For the next Friday’s article, it will be How to do research for copywriting in the easiest way possible? Plus the list of my favorite sites for research.

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