What is copywriting and how it can supercharge your sales with words


The headline of this article is not like other headlines on the website and that is on purpose, It is an example of a fascination/Curiosity bullet used often in copywritng. More about fascination later, let us start with what you will read in this article.


  • What is Copywriting?
  • What are fascinations/Curiosity bullets?
  • Types of Copywriting and their purpose?
  • Copywriting and supercharging sales.


What is copywriting?

Depending on who you ask different people define it differently, Being a copywriter myself some of my favorite definitions are salesmanship in writing, the art of persuasion with words, and The art of empathy and one-sided communication.

I know all the definitions sound very different, but if you think carefully, all of them relate to persuasion. So to put it simply it is all about persuading someone to take action with words in writing.


What are Fascinations/Curiosity bullets?

In one sentence Fasciation or Curiosity bullets are powerful bullet point sentences used to create curiosity and make your prospect want to read the copy or keep reading it.

Fascinations are used as headlines, CTA( Call to Action), bullet points, etc. Fascinations usually have a big promise and/or questions to create curiosity. More about writing powerful fascination in future articles.


Types of Copywriting and their purpose.

Copywriting is everywhere and in so many different types but to keep it simple let us divide it into two types Short-form copy and Long-form copy.

  • Short-form Copy:-  I like to define short-form copy as any copy with less than 1000 words so your emails, social media posts, blog posts, etc. Some web pages can be a short-form copy, like Optin pages for email lists. Usually, the purpose of the short-form copy is to build rapport, and redirect the reader to a long-form copy. You do not sell in short form but it is still very important for sales.
  • Long-form Copy:-  Long-form copy is anything over 1000 words and I do not believe there is an upper limit. Because some sales pages are like 5 pages and then there are some over 40 pages. Some examples of the long-form copy are sales pages, web pages, VSL(Video sales letters), etc. even very detailed blog posts with over a thousand words can be a long-form copy. This is where most of the sales happen.


Copywriting and supercharging sales.

Remember Copywriting is salesmanship in writing, that is true having a good copy is like having a good salesman 24/7. So if you have a good copy you can boost your conversions.

Let me show you an example: let us assume you are running an email marketing campaign you send 5 emails to 100 people and have a conversion rate of around 10%, so 10 people per email go to your website or sales page, in total 50.

On the website or sales page, you have a conversion rate of around 25% so you make 12 sales for 1000 Rupees per sale or 12000 Rupees total.

If you have a good copy for emails and sales pages, it can double your conversions across the board, and with new conversion rates, you can make around 50000 Rupees or 50 sales.

But even if you have a slightly better copy and your conversion rates go up just 2.5%  from 10% to 12.5% for emails, and from 25% to 27.5% for the sales page, you can still make 17000 Rupees or 17 sales.

This is what people call compound effect small improvements across the board can make a big difference.


So as a business owner if you can just learn the basics of copywriting and tweak your copies according to them you can still increase your sales.

As for someone looking to learn a skill copywriting is one of the evergreen skills and demand for copywritng as a service is rapidly increasing with more and more small businesses coming online and looking to invest in digital marketing.

If you are looking to learn about copywriting either as a business owner or as someone looking to learn it for providing a service be sure to bookmark the Global growth forum as I will be publishing an article on copywriting every Friday.

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Next week’s article will be on how to write amazing fascination and the 7 templates I use to write killer fascinations.