Digital Marketing, its types, and how to improve any types of marketing efforts.


Digital Marketing is promoting products and a brand with the help of the internet. It is often compared to traditional marketing as some types of Digital Marketing do feel like online versions of traditional Marketing, like Direct mail to e-mail, and magazine ads to display ads. 

Digital Marketing:- When asked most people define marketing as selling, and advertising. But marketing is much more sure selling and advertising are a part of marketing.

Marketing is content creation, market research, creation of landing pages, improving customer experience, and much more. The Goal of Marketing is the Growth of the business or brand and at the very basic level, there are only two ways to Grow a business taking them up a value ladder and acquiring new customers.

  • The value ladder: The value ladder is just having a wide variety of products and arranging them in order of increasing value, let’s say for example a business has three products one is an entry-level product for 500 rupees, and one for 2000 rupees and one is 5000 rupees. So as a marketer you are trying to make people buy as many of the products on the value ladder as possible.
  • Acquiring new customers: A brand can go about getting new customers in many ways but it can be divided into two umbrella terms Organic marketing and Inorganic marketing.


Benefits of Digital Marketing.

  • Global reach: The whole world is now coming online and Digital Marketing can tap into the people online. Digital marketing allows big businesses to create global campaigns much easier than traditional Marketing, but even for small businesses, Digital Marketing helps them become bigger with the reach it brings.
  • Lower cost: The cost of Marketing online is much cheaper than traditional Marketing because the complete marketing campaigns can be executed in a very cost-effective way. This allows even small businesses to compete with big businesses if done with proper targeting and strategy.
  • Effective Targeting: Digital Marketing allows for very specific targeting of different demographics based on age, gender, location, interests, etc. But if you do not have any idea you can still utilize effective targeting because it’s super easy to gather data with digital marketing.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Digital Marketing is very much data-driven so the more data you have the better you can optimize your campaigns. Digital Marketing has a plethora of options for analytics and optimization. You can analyze where your audience is located, their gender, their age, and much more.

There are many more advantages that come with Digital Marketing and one of them is the rise of internet products providing an opportunity for people to create personal brands.


What are Organic and Inorganic marketing?

Organic Marketing: Organic Marketing at its core is a free form or strategy of marketing a product, brand, and business. The goal of organic marketing is to increase brand awareness and build a connection with its audience.

Content on sites like youtube, and blog portions of the site are some of the very common ways of building connections. Getting traffic to your website is the end goal of nearly all Digital marketing efforts. 

In organic marketing, some of the ways to get traffic are through: Unpaid social media posts, blog posts, guest posts, User-generated content, SEO, youtube, etc.

Inorganic Marketing: Inorganic marketing is also known as paid marketing, most Organic marketing options also have paid options, like paid sponsorship on youtube, paid social media posts, Search engine monetization, etc. 

Inorganic marketing aligns better with how most people see marketing in most cases organic marketing is running ads and selling products.

Even though in most cases Inorganic marketing is done with the intention of selling, at the core you are still trying to get traffic to your website, which might just be to get sign-ups to a newsletter or it might be to make a sale.


How to improve any type of marketing efforts?

The best way to improve almost any type of marketing from email, social media, ads, etc. is copywriting. Copywriting is often defined as the art of setting with written words.

Copywriting can make anything written more engaging because it is all about understanding the customers and intentionally writing in a way to persuade that demographic.

Digital Marketing is a topic that can never be covered in just a single article so, we will be publishing a lot of articles on digital marketing and copywriting so be sure to bookmark the global growth forum.

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