What the Year 2023 is bringing for different streaming services.


oopopStreaming services and OTT platforms have had an amazing year not just in terms of audience growth. But also with a lot of changes like ad-supported tiers, widely successful originals, and the increasing demand for VOD content. Most streaming services are planning to carry on the momentum of 2022 into 2023 with big future plans.

Plans of different streaming services for the year 2023.

The year 2023 is bringing with it big mergers, acquisitions, features, etc. let us have a closer look at what different streaming services are planning for the year 2023.

Plans of Netflix for 2023.

Netflix has had a year full of ups and down but ultimately things are looking up for Netflix as a whole. Netflix has launched its ad-supported tier, which is in line with the trends in the VOD streaming space. Similarly the year 2023 is also looking like it is gonna be an eventful year.

With features like Extra members coming to monetize Password sharing launching in the first quarter of the year.  Another interesting feature coming this year is live-streaming support with Chris Rocks’ comedy special being the first thing to be streamed live.

While not related to VOD streaming Netflix is also making strides in cloud-based game streaming as well. And not to mention the rumors of a AAA PC gaming title are also spreading because of Netflix hiring a game director. Plus Netflix already has a mobile game directory with over 50 games.

Plans of Amazon Prime Video for 2023.

The Year 2022 was very successful for Amazon Prime Video, with a very successful Lord of the rings spin-off. Prime Video also acquired exclusive rights to the NFL. It is safe to say that Prime Video is going to invest even more in sports streaming.

Similar to Netflix, Prime Video is also planning to launch an ad-supported tier, again in line with the trends of the industry. This makes a lot of sense for Prime Video as its parent company already has an ad-supported streaming service called, freevee.

Some reports also shed light on the fact that Prime Video is planning to invest over a billion dollars in 12 to 15 movies. The movies would first debut in the theaters and then will be available on Prime Video. It is risky yet might be an amazing investment for the service as it has yet to invest such an amount in its originals.

Prime Video is also planning the launch of some limited series like “Bladerunner 2099”, a “God of War” live-action series, and at the very least one “Warhammer 4000” title. It has been said that beloved actor Henry Cavill is going to be the lead for Warhammer 4000 title.

Plans of Disney+ for 2023.

The year 2022 has been rather eventful for Disney+ as a platform. From a rather surprising return of Bob Iger as the CEO. The platform releases its own ad-supported tier like Netflix and amazon prime. The only problem with the ad-supported tier list is that in the states Disney+ basic is already available with the Roku streaming service.

However, this issue is expected to be resolved in the year 2023 with both services coming to some sort of agreement. Disney+ is also going to be available in 30 more countries. The platform is also going to become the exclusive home for the new episode of  Doctor Who.

One significant feature that is coming to the platform is going to be an online shop. The shop will be available in the streaming software for the platform. Fans of Disney+ will be able to buy amazing merchandise of different Disney+ Exclusives. As well as merch of Disney-owned brands like Star Wars, Disney’s animated movies, etc.

However, we do not have an official date for the launch of this feature. But it has been in testing for a while. So, let us hope we get it soon enough.


The year 2023 is certainly going to be full of excitement when it comes to the VOD streaming industry. Some of the VOD streaming platforms are planning to launch a lot of different features like AVOD. Some platforms even plan to launch features other than VOD, like gaming and shopping.

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