Some amazing electronics announced during the CES 2023.


CES or Consumers Electronics Show is an annual trade show in the united states held by Consumer Technology Association(CTA). CES-2023 ended on 08/01/2023 and it has bought a whole lot of new consumer electronics. Some of these are already available and some will be available soon.

Here are some of the techs that were showcased during the CES-2023.

Google’s new Uninterrupted listening.

Google announced a new feature that is specifically targeted at music lovers. “Uninterrupted listening” would allow your music to get transferred from one android system to another seamlessly. So people who are in the android ecosystem would be able to just walk from place to place without their music being interrupted.

So for example: If you are listening to music in your car you will be able to just walk out and your music would get transferred to your smartphone then once you are inside it starts playing on your android music system.

Android auto getting major upgrades and redesign.

The in-car android experience is getting a major upgrade as google announces a quick launcher for the recently used apps, upgrades to the maps feature, and improvements to the UI for music and podcast apps.

Combine that with Uninterrupted listening and the people in the android ecosystem are looking at a super boost to the overall experience, especially for music and podcast lovers.

A color-changing car by BMW.

This CES 2023 BMW showed off the concept of its color-changing car called i Vission Dee. According to BMW representatives, the car would allow its driver to change in a mix of 32 different colors. This may seem like something for a niche audience.

But with some advancements in the material sciences and self-driving car technologies, this could become a widely desired feature.

Sony’s first accessible controller

Gaming with your friends is arguably one of the best feelings in the world. And to help include our friends who have limited motor skills sony is launching its first accessible controller. We know people who have disabilities are still some of the most amazing people. And gaming with them is sure to be an amazing experience.

Sony announced the controller for its PlayStation devices during CES 2023. The Controller will have limitless ways to configure it to help our friends with different conditions game. The project is dubbed codename project Leonardo.

HARMAN is ready to make your car feel futuristic.

Samsung-owned electronics company HARMAN launched two very amazing driver safety features. The two features are also certain to make you feel like Iron man while also protecting you.

The first of these features is Ready Vision, which basically projects AR images on your windshield. This feature could be used to project things information from maps.

The other feature is Ready Care, this feature is going to use machine learning and neuroscience to come up with a system. The said system would be used to detect if a driver is distracted.

Roku is finally joining the TV industry.

American-based video streaming devices and software company Roku announced that they are joining the TV industry. Roku also revealed that they are going to launch TVs ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches. The price according to the companies representatives is going to be less than 999$ for every one of their TVs. All of the TVs will be using the famous Roku software.

Previously Roku has licensed its software to TV manufacturers like TCL.

TCL’s new AR glasses.

At CES-2023 TCL announced their new AR glasses. The glasses would be capable of displaying things like Calls, messages, GPS navigation, etc. The glasses are a bit bigger than the conventional glasses but still look super cool. People who have tested them say it is like watching a 140-inch screen from 4 meters away. Glasses use micro LED technology.

Events like CES-2023 are a good indicator of the rate at which innovation is happening. Each year brings with it amazing improvements in the existing technologies in the consumer electronics industry. And also some new technologies which were previously thought impossible things like AR glasses, Home medical testing equipment, etc. In the future, we are sure to see more amazing technologies showcased in events like CES. And it is always an amazing experience.

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