Why are people saying Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo might be a scam?


The CyptoZoo NFT project might be a scam are the words that are coming up in all the conversations involving either Logan Paul or anything related to crypto. The crypto space has seen a fair amount of scams in the past 2, or 3 years. CryptoZoo might be the latest addition to the list of scams. But before that let us see what is CryptoZoo.


What is the CryptoZoo NFT project?

The CryptoZoo is an NFT Project with Logan paul as its face. Logan paul was very visibly the face CryptoZoo and he also promoted CryptoZoo through his various social media channels.

Another prominent figure in the whole CryptoZoo project was Jake the CryptoKing. Eddie Ibanez was also a part of the project.

CryptoZoo was going to be a game that used blockchain technology and NFTs to create an interesting game. Here is a simple explanation of the game. 

In this game, you would buy Eggs from the Crypto coins used in the game, the eggs would then hatch to give you an NFT. And you should be able to then combine different NFTs or breed them to create unique and different NFTs.

The game would use Blockchain technology for different aspects of the game. Like confirming ownership of an NFT, for transactions, etc.


Why are people saying the CryptoZoo NFT project might be a scam?

The biggest reason people are saying the CryptoZoo NFT project might be a scam is because of the people associated with it. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Logan paul is the face of CryptoZoo, he has even called it his passion project. But it is hard to trust logan paul because of his past as a whole and his involvement in the crypto space.

Logan paul has been under fire for showing a dead body in his video from the Japanese suicide forest. He has also tweeted about some shady shitcoins.

Jake the CryptoKing has been famous for alleged pokemon card scams and he has also been part of some alleged Crypto rug pools.

Eddie Ibanez is a famous con man. He has allegedly fooled and scammed the Mormon trust, New York Yankees, And billionaires according to Logan Paul himself.

Another big reason people think CryptoZoo might be a scam is that it just does not work, the NFTs are nothing but stock photos of animals. The breeding just gets you badly photoshopped images of animals that are virtually worth nothing. And for a long time after the CryptoZoo was launched you could not even hatch the eggs.

Another thing that shed light on the fact that CryptoZoo might be a scam is a three-part investigation of the CryptoZoo by the YouTuber that goes by the name Coffeezila.


The Coffeezila investigation of the CryptoZoo.

Coffeezila is an American YouTuber who investigates and reports about scammers, fraudsters, and fake gurus on the internet. Coffeezila is very famous for his honesty and impartiality.

As he normally does and did with different internet projects he also investigated CryptoZoo. After extensive investigation and interviewing Coffeezila finally released his three-part video series on CryptoZoo. He presented his finding and the videos have been seen by millions of people.

In his videos, he featured interviews with people who have lost a lot of money in CryptoZoo. With some people losing upwards of half a million dollars. 

He also interviewed the person in charge of the coding side of things for CryptoZoo. He talked about how he fled to Switzerland with the code because he did not get paid.

Yeah, he actually did flee to Switzerland and asked for a million dollars because he has to pay his team and he had also paid for some things from his pocket.


Coffeezila Logan paul drama.

Obviously, Logan paul did not like the fact that Coffeezila made videos about his project and as a result, people finally started questioning it. Logan paul made a response video and also talked about it on his podcast.

As a result, now the eyes of the internet are focused on them. And now it is starting to look like the classic internet beef of two creators.


I will be covering both the three-part video by Coffeezila as well as Logan paul’s response in future articles.

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