The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition’s first competition has begun in Switzerland


The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition came into existence after the original Worldskills 2022 Shanghai was canceled as a result of the pandemic.

Now The Worldskills competition special edition has been launched in the city of Bern Switzerland. The city of Bern will be hosting skill competitions from the seventh of September to the tenth of September.

The competitors from India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand, gathered at the top of Männlichen mountain in Switzerland and hoisted The Worldskills flag. The hill overlooks the very famous Eiger North Face.

The six competitors will participate in the first skill competition of The Worldskills competition special edition, prototype modeling.

The competitors have already been familiarized with the equipment and the workshop on the sixth of September.


The Mayor of Bern welcomed the guests and competitors visiting Bern for The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition.

Following the familiarization and acquaintance, the guests and competitors were welcomed by the Mayor of Bern Alec Von Graffenried.

In his speech, Mr. Von Graffenried shed light on the fact that Bern has been hosting Swissskills since 2014, which is a sign of the city’s commitment to vocational education and training.

He wished the competitors luck for the coming days, The mayor also expressed his pleasure towards the inaugural event of The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition that is taking place in Bern Switzerland.

Then the Indian and Korean Competitors and the Japanese and Thai Experts took Oath and promised to compete fairly, respecting, and abiding by the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and The Worldskills Values.


Official opening of The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition.

WorldSkills Champions Trust representative, Jacqueline Tanzer declared the official opening of The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition.

Jacqueline Tanzer said that as we embark on this unique series of skill competitions, I would like to share three things I believe to be particularly special, Our passion, Our precision, and Our people.

she said. “Never has our passion for skills been more apparent than in this incredible show of commitment, adaptability, and creativity by Members in staging this – the 46th WorldSkills Competition.”

What is prototype modeling?

Prototype modeling is the process of creating models of a product yet to be realized that can be tested and accessed by the designers, and engineers, It must also allow them to make changes.

Prototype modeling is needed because in most cases it is uncertain that the designed product would work as it is required to, a prototype is a way to provide the engineers and designers a way to easily create alternative designs, test performance, and test theories until they find a design that is good enough.

Samsung The overall presenter of The Worldskills competition 2022 special edition.

Samsung electronics is the presenter of the 46th Worldskills competitions, Samsung electronics has been a partner of Worldskills since 2007.

Samsung is one of the largest electronics producers, they produce a variety of both consumer and industry electronics, media devices, etc.

Samsung electronics is the largest Korean company and produces the most number of jobs in South Korea, and the company has made its appreciation of skills and goal of making the world better overall with the help of skilled people known to the public.

Samsung shares The Worldskills goal of empowering future generations to achieve their full potential and create positive social changes.

The WorldSkills competition 2022 special edition is the 46th competition, In this 46th competition 61 different skill competitions will be held in 15 different counties, and 26 cities, with over a thousand competitors that will be participating in those skill competitions.

The Worldskills competitions 2022 special edition official website.

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