Worldskills 2022 special edition is finally here.


Worldskills competition, famously known as the ‘Olympics of Skills’, is the biggest skills excellence and vocational education event in the world that truly reflects the global industry benchmarks and it is finally here.

The opportunity to showcase your skills in different skill competitions that will be held over the 14 weeks in 15 different counties and regions.

Over a thousand Competitors from 58 nations and regions will participate in 61 skill competitions.

  • What are Skill competitions?
  • The Locations of worldskill competitions?
  • The Schedule of skill competitions?
  • List of skills that will be showcased
  • Mission and Vission of Worldskills

What are skill competitions?

WorldSkills understands the power of skills and the necessity to encourage vocational training at the highest level. Skill competitions are a way to appreciate the highest levels of mastery of those skills and a unique opportunity to share knowledge.

They are held all over the globe in different locations, and each location has its own unique skill competition.

For example Stuttgart, Germany would hold competitions in Industry 4.0,  Mechatronics, and Water Technology.


The locations for Worldskills competitions?

Thanks to the commitment of our members and partners of WorldSkills, skill competitions will be held across the globe.

Sixty-one skill competitions will take place across Europe, North America, and East Asia. Different countries and regions will be hosting their own unique set of skill competitions.

Switzerland is one of the major countries as Switzerland will host skill competitions in the highest number of locations.

Switzerland will host skill competitions in 8 different locations followed by Germany hosting skill competitions in 6 different locations for the second-highest number of locations.

For detailed location information by country.


The schedule for skill competitions?

Sixty-one skill competitions will take place in 15 nations and regions between 7 September and 26 November 2022.

The first one is Bernexpo, Bern, Switzerland

Sep 7, 2022 – Sep 10, 2022,

The skill that will be showcased is Prototype Modelling.

The last one is Salzburg, Austria

Nov 24, 2022 – Nov 26, 2022


The skills that will be showcased are Bricklaying, Concrete Construction Work, Industrial Control, And many more.

For the complete schedule of skill competitions.


List of skills that will be showcased.

In this WorldSkills competition, 2022 special edition competitors from across the globe would participate in a number of skill competitions, and showcase their mastery of those skills in hopes of achieving glory on a world stage

Some of the skills that will be showcased are:

3D Digital Game Art 

3D Digital Game Artists use their creativity, technology, and geometry skills to create models of different elements inside a game, and bring life to the game.

Chemical Laboratory Technology

Chemical Laboratory Technology studies different chemical substances to use them for the development of useful products for a wide range of industries.

Beauty therapy

The beauty therapist offers a head-to-toe experience that positively impacts the quality of life of the person receiving the therapy by making them look and feel their best.

Fashion technology

Working with a wide range of fabrics to cut and create clothes for clients from high-end fashion to the latest store designs high street is what fashion technology is all about.

For more detailed information about skills that will be showcased.


Mission and Vission of WorldSkills.

The WorldSkills vision

WorldSkills recognizes the power of skills and hopes to utilize the power of skills to improve the world on a global level.

The WorldSkills mission

is to increase the relevance and acknowledgment of skilled people, and show how important skills are in achieving economic growth and personal success.

The Worldskills has hosted major competitions and conferences dating back to the second world war.

The first WorldSkills Competition was held at “Virgen de la Paloma” Vocational Training Institute in Madrid, Spain, in 1950.

The first-ever skill competition was modest by today’s standard, but it was the start of a global phenomenon that has positively impacted life for 2/3rd of the population of the world.

They also run various projects to empower the world’s youth with the help of vocational skills.

As you know it is known as the ‘Olympics of Skills’,  so like in the Olympics competitors from across the globe take part in the skill competitions to earn glory and medals for themselves and their country. 

To learn more about  WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition.

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