Political crisis in Maharashtra – why CM Udhav Thackeray vacated the chief minister’s house


On 22 June (Wednesday) the political drama continues in Maharashtra as chief minister Udhav Thackeray leaves cm’s residence and moves back to Matoshree. And offers to quiet as Maharashtra’s chief minister post.

Maharashtra is one of India’s largest commercial and industrial centres, which has led to its being called the gateway of India, it’s home to India’s financial capital Mumbai, including the Bollywood film industry and India’s largest state and political crucial for all national parties.

When and how the crisis began – :

It all started when Mr Shined was unreachable after legislative council elections in the state on Monday.

The report says that Mr Shinde is interested in reviving the alliance with BJP, bringing it back to power in the state. If he draws support from more shiv Sena lawmakers, the current coalition of the government would lose its majority.

On Monday’s legislative council election, the shiv sena and its allies won 5 seats of  government out of 10 seats but it was predicted that they will win 6. And on the other hand, BJP won 5 seats after cross-voting by sena.

As all these dramas continue in Maharashtra during a Facebook live session in the evening Thackeray said he will be leaving Varsha and residing at Matoshree

“They are claiming that they were forcibly taken away, “said Thackeray as he has been getting calls from MLAs who have gone with Eknath Shinde.

On another side, Shinde said that it was essential for the party’s survival to get out of the “unnatural alliance

As Udhav Thackeray left the CM’s official residence in Mumbai.  Minister and his elder son Adity Thackeray along with his mother Rashmi Thackeray and younger brother Tejas were seen following him.

On Wednesday’s Facebook live he said “ if my own people don’t want me as chief minister, he should walk up to me and say so… I’m ready to resign…I am Balasaheb’s son and not after a post…if you want me to resign, let me resign and take all my belongings to Matoshree.

Shared pawar offered the idea of offering the top job to Mr Shinde as a way to end the impasse, Congress sources have claimed.

I am willing to step down, but can you promise me that the next chief minister will be from Shiv Sena?

To Enknath Shinde, this was seen as a direct challenge, who has been projecting his faction as the real shiv sena and has been citing the Hindutva ideology of Balasaheb. Shiv Sena under him is indicating that his son was a lite version of his father that is of Balasaheb Thackeray.