Draupadimurmu:-BJP ‘s choice for presidential polls


Presently Ram NathKovind is the incumbent president of India. The 2022 Indian presidential election will be the 16th presidential election to be held in India. An election poll to fill in the office is scheduled to be held on 18th July 2022.

For the presidential election,YashwantSinha is the opposition’s choice. And on Tuesday BJP announced Draupadimurmu’s name as thepresidential candidate against him.

All you need to know about Draupadimurmu-

A tribal woman leader was born in Baidaposi village of Odisha in Mayurbhanj district on the 20th of June 1958. Belongsto a tribal ethnic group of the santhal family.

She lost her husband and 2 sons in personal tragedies. She completed her graduation from RamaDevi women’s college in arts and after that, she started her service in politics and social service for almost 2 decades. Murmu was also the first Santhal woman to be sworn in 2015 as the Jharkhand governor.

This 64-year-old lady was a tribal leader and former Jharkhand governor. And if she is elected she will be the first tribal women president of India. And she will also be the hailing from the state of Odisha and second female. Her political career started as a councillor, And after she became the vice-chairperson of NAC which is the national advisory Council of Rairangpur. She rose party’s scheduled tribal morcha in Odisha in 2013 to the rank of the national executive member.

She is also having diverse administrative experience in ministries of the Odisha government such as transportation, commerce, fisheries, and animal husbandry.

She was a minister in the NaveenPatnaikcabinet when BJD used to rule the state with BJP’ssupport.

 why murmu got nominated-

While announcing the NDA’s Candidate for India’s next president JP Nadda said that BJP discussed 20 names for presidential nominees and then they decided to pick someone from East India a tribal and a woman as they are trying to build a consensus among all parties. BJP chief JP Naddaannouncedthis after the parliamentary meeting of the party attended by all the leaders in Delhi along with PM Modi and home minister Amit Shah.

Shah’s last date for filing the nomination for the presidential poll is 29 June, voting will take place on July 18 and the result will be announced on July 21.

“Smt. DraupadimurmuJi has devoted her life to serving society and empowering the poor downtrodden as well as the marginalized. She has rich administrative experience and had an outstanding gubernatorial tenure. I am confident she will be a great president of our nation. ” – PM Modi tweeted after NDA announced its candidate for the presidential election in 2022.

JP Nadda said ” After opposition parties announced their candidate, the BJP, after talking to all the NDA allies, decided to field murmu as itsa presidential candidate. Detailed discussions were held on 20 names and a consensus was built that someone from the East and the tribal community must be made the president of India. After discussion, the parliamentary board decided to name Draupadimurmu as the presidential candidate. “

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