FIFA’s new series called captain fantastic honors the captain of the Indian Men’s Football team Sunil Chhetri.


Captain fantastic series has been launched on the official FIFA official website, the series is featuring the Captain of the Indian National Football team Sunil Chhetri, and looks at different aspects of his life from his professional career to his love life in a 3 episode show.

In this article:-

  • Who is Sunil Chhetri?
  • A brief overview of Sunil Chhetri’s career.
  • What is the Captain Fantastic series?

Who is Sunil Chhetri?

Sunil Chhetri is an Indian football player and the captain of the Indian National Men’s Football Team. He was named the captain of the Indian team during the AFC challenge cup qualifiers, even though the state of Indian football is extremely bad Chhetri helped India win a number of titles.

He plays as the striker of the Indian national team and also for the Indian club Bengaluru FC. Sunil Chhetri is the all-time top goal scorer for the Indian national team and the third highest active goal scorer in men’s international football right behind Leonel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sunil Chhetri has been awarded the Arjuna award for football, as well as Padma Shri which is the fourth-highest civilian award of the Republic of India.


A brief overview of Sunil Chhetri’s career.

The professional career of Sunil Chhetri began in 2002 with Mohun Bagan, Chhetri would then go on to play for JCT, Kansas City is known as the Wizards of Major League Soccer.

Then in the year 2013, he joined the Bengaluru FC and he would stay in the Bengaluru FC for two years playing in the striker position, During the ISL( Indian Super League) 2015 he played for Mumbai city and was picked up for an amount of 1.2 crores making his the most expensive Indian player in the league.

The bigger portion of his fame comes from his time as the captain of the Indian National Men’s Football team, he was first named captain in 2012 and he is also the current captain of the team.


What is the Captain Fantastic series?

Captain Fantastic is a three episode series on the captain of the Indian National Men’s Football team Sunil Chhetri, each episode is set to look at different aspects and moments of Sunil Chhetri’s life and professional career.

Episode 1 ( Kick Off ):- The first episode covers Sunil Chhetri’s life from his pre-teens to his debut on the Indian team at the age of 20, the stories of his love life and his future wife, and the story of the man who would be dubbed the ‘Captain, Leader, Legend.

He is also known as India’s talismanic captain. The episode is called Kick Off | Captain Fantastic.

Episode 2 ( mid-game ):- The second episode of the series is going follows Sunil Chhetri through his career in the Indian team and how he has worked wonders for the Indian National Men’s Football team, The episode is also set to showcase some of Sunil Chhetri’s Dreams such as his dream to play for a top-class football club overseas as a professional player, and his other big dreams.

The episode will also address some of his dreams that do come true and there are some which have not yet come true, the episode is called Mid-Game | Captain Fantastic.

Episode 3 ( extra time):- The third episode of the series is all about the peak of Sunil Chhetri both in his professional life as well as his personal life, the episode also focuses on the trophies and the awards that started pilling over his time in professional football which is still not over. The episode would also take a look at the records that Sunil Chhetri has broken or made.

And how his last act is gonna be the best of all and most powerful as Sunil Chhetri is approaching the last years of his professional career, the episode is called Extra Time | Captain Fantastic.

All of the above episodes would have people from Sunil Chhetri’s personal life, his former and current teammates, and other close associates to help tell the tale of an amazing footballer who rose through the ranks of Indian football and the man who now stands at the pinnacle of Indian Football.

Watch the series honoring India’s talismanic captain Sunil Chhetri on the official site of FIFA.

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