Apple VR Headset for a hybrid AR-VR experience. And some of its features.


Apple VR Headset might be launching this year. Since augmented reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) have gained a lot of traction among consumers. Big tech has also taken quite an Interest in AR, and VR technology. Evident in Things like Facebook changing its branding to Meta. And a whole bunch of consumer electronics companies launching their VR and AR headsets. All but confirm that AR and VR are the next steps in entertainment electronics technology. Now even Apple is planning to launch its own AR and VR headsets.

What is apple planning to launch?

Apple as we are aware a very big consumer electronics company. Apple builds all sorts of electronics like smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, etc. Now Apple is planning to launch a headset with both AR and VR capabilities. Like all Apple products, the headset is going to be rather pricey.

When is the Apple Headset going to be announced?

Though the launch date for the Headset is not yet known, it has been an ongoing project since 2015. Some rough estimates put the price of the headset in the range of 2000$ to 3000$. The headset is likely going to be announced this spring.

The announcement is going to take place after the WWDC the annual conference held by Apple in June. Even though we do not have an official release date the headset is expected to release near the end of the year 2023.

What are some amazing features and the build of the Apple VR Headset?

The headset would have fully loaded VR capabilities. The headset would allow you to fully access VR social platforms like Horizon worlds by Meta. it would also allow you to access fully immersive virtual reality games.

An AR(augmented reality) also known as real-world enhanced with digital assets is also going to be available in the headset. This feature would help you with things like navigation and creating art.

Build of the Headset.

In terms of appearance, the Apple Headset is going to look like ski goggles. It would come equipped with a bunch of cameras and sensors and an M2 chip to control them. All the sensors and cameras would allow the headset to correctly track and replicate leg movements. Meta is still trying to deal with this issue.

For security purposes, while logging in and making online payments, the headset would come with a retina scanner. The headset is likely going to have two Micro LEDs one for each eye. The resolution is going to be hyper-detailed 8k.

All the hardware is useless without good software to accompany it. The reports show that Apple is developing its own OS for VR and AR headsets. The OS is going to either be called reality OS or XROS. OS would likely come with VR versions of popular IOS apps such as Maps, Facetime, etc.

The Future with AR and VR technologies.

Both AR and VR technologies are going to have great effects on all levels of Human life and Society. Both technologies are going to have very positive effects on things like Education, medical care, and entertainment. It is also going to forever change traveling as AR technologies can be used for navigation.

AR technologies might be especially helpful when going to different countries. By using AI to translate and then AR technology to project the translated text. Traveling to other countries is going to be quite an experience. However, this is but one possible way of using AR and VR technologies.

Or imagine how AR, and VR going to change entertainment like movies, games, etc. There already is a whole bunch of VR movies and shows. And the craze for fully immersive games is also at an all-time high. With Technologies as revolutionary as AR,  and VR the possibilities are practically endless.

Final thoughts.

All the advancements in AR and VR technologies are rather exciting. Especially with all the good things that come with such amazing technology. And in the past few years, more and more people are starting to look at this technology with a positive attitude.

But VR technology seems to still to some extent gets associated with an almost apocalyptic world where people never leave their houses. And are online all the time. All thanks to the sci-fi shows and movies, though this perception is starting to change even for VR as people realize all the good that comes with this.


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