With 17,073 new cases and 21, death India sees a 45 per cent jump in COVID-19 cases


The daily positive rate recorded on Monday was 5.62% while the weekly positive rate was 3.39% the active cases of the total infection is 0.22% on Monday the Union Health Minister said that India logged 17,073 new covid cases rising the Tally to 4,34,07,046. Data updated by the ministry stated that the death toll has climbed to 5,25,020 including 21 fresh fatalities.’

The active cases increase up to 94420. Under the nationwide covid-19 inoculation drive according to the ministry, 197.11 crores of vaccines have been administered in India soo far. In the last 24 hours, five patients infected with covid-19 lost their lives in Mumbai. This is the highest single-day death reported since February 7.

And the last 24 hours according to the Indian Council of Medical Research 3,03,604 samples were tested for covid taking the total count to more than 86.10 crores. The precautionary dose with inoculation has been administered over 4.41 crore. With 249646 doses administrated to eligible beneficiaries vaccination coverage in India has excreted 197.11 crores in 24 hours. With 6493 fresh infections in Maharashtra so a huge rise in Tally.

The highest overall cases in the state are over 79 lakh. Kerala is also another state where the cases have been rising rapidly. On Sunday as compared to 666 infections recorded Delhi saw yet another jump in cases with 1891 cases on Monday. Earlier the countries daily crossed the 17000 mark on 24 June the highest single-day spike since February 20 with 17336 cases.

Who declared Nobel Coronavirus disease on 11th March 2020 and Retreat the call for countries to make an immediate action to detect and reduce transmission to save people’s life.

Talking about the world the total number of active Coronavirus cases is 549,060,057 and the total number of death cases is 6,351,071 and the recovered are 524,119,988.
Korona virus disease is an infectious disease caused by the SARs cov2 virus.

According to a WHO report the virus can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nos3 in liquid particles. The virus spread more easily indoors and in crowded areas.
In India, many states are deciding to bring back the rule of wearing masks as the country is witnessing a steady rise in covid cases. The covid 19 cases are showing an uptick in several states of India. Kerala government mandated the wearing of masks ahead of the continuously increasing cases of coronavirus. In Delhi, on April 22 Delhi mandated masks in public places and also imposed a fine of ₹500.

Other states that brought the wearing of mask rule back are west Bengal, Maharashtra and Kerala.
Prime minister Modi held a meeting to review the covid situation amid the surge in covid cases in-country through video conference with Chief Ministers of all the states.