“Treating the patient for just 5 rupees, meet a 68-year-old doctor from Bihar”


” I became a doctor to serve humanity, I used to charge Rs 5 while others charged 3-4 times more. My fees have been low since the day I started my medical practice.”- said the doctor Mr Ramanand Singh.

We compare doctors to god as it’s said that God gives and a doctor saves. But nowadays news and reports of doctors cheating on patients have increased. Nonetheless in Bihar, you will find a doctor who treats his patients for just 50 rupees. he is a physician who provides us hope to revive the picture of the fraternity that’s deteriorating in the latest instances.

The 68-year-old says -my father is a farmer, and we have been practising this for generations. I used to be a single baby and my father earned an honest, revenue from the farming to find my schooling

As he states that he was good in his studies and was a brilliant pupil in his tutorial years, my abilities and information would profit the plenty in a real sense so I decided to take a distinct professional path and opted to check medical science.” Says Dr Ramadan Singh.

He signed up for an MBBS course from the Ranchi institute of medical science RIMS. And graduated in 1986 then he started a small clinic to provide a remedy to a basic doctor for just 5 rupees. And from the last 35 years, he is been treating his sufferers for simply rupees 50. Also, he provides medication to his patients who can’t afford medicines.

Dr Ramanand from Barbigha village in Bihar says ‘The session charges charged by the doctor had been excessive. Buying medicines solely added to the bills, as did the follow-up visits”.

As he wanted to work on the bottom and straight assists the individual in want inside his hometown so he started his clinic for his patients.

He came across many cases where he found that many patients were not following the prescriptions advised. when he inquired, he found that  they are not able to buy those medicines as they can’t afford them and they cost a lot, it was then he decided to pay for their medical expenses as well.

In the starting years of his doctorate career, he worked attending patients. he also used to conduct free medical camps across the district

Sometimes I even offered money to buy them food or grocery”-he adds

He starts his day from 8 a.m. to 8 in the evening and today, he treats about 300 to 400 patients also from different districts such as  Alava, Navada, Patna and many more. “The patient flow is more during the winter, while it reduces by almost 40 per cent during the summer months – he says.

He knows very well that his knowledge and skills can help the masses in the true sense. he also visited remote areas where people struggled to make ends meet. and also treated them for free.

“I visited him in 2003 to have a treatment for my skin-related ailment and his treatment helped me recover.”

Dr Ramanand ensures listening carefully to all the health-related issues, he first understands the symptoms and problems and then gives the best treatments.

One of his patients over the past 20 years Anand Kumar says.

“ I try to deliver to the best of my ability. Social work has earned me respect and a reputation in society. I’m glad about such non-monetary rewards. He adds

As he does not earn any profits from the fees and also has a family to feed including he has to pay for the staff including other maintenance he survives, on the income sourced from his 5-acre ancestral farm.

As he tried to deliver to the best of his abilities, this social work has earned gave him respect and a reputation in society. Many times he struggled to offer medicines to the patients and even paid from his pockets to meet the clinic’s operational expenses.

He states “ I faced multiple challenges, especially with money. The costs incurred in treating the number of patients were more than the clinic earned. Moreover, sourcing updated equipment and medical infrastructure, in the far less developed area of the country with the monetary crunched also delayed procurement and offered the best service immediately. I had no external financial support and managed alone.

Over the past 30 years, he has increased his fees to 50 rupees.

At last, he says that they (his patients ) have faith in me They trust me and this is my reward.