Queen Elizabeth II passed away after a reign of 70 years and 214 days at the age of 96, Let us have a closer look at her extraordinary life.


Queen Elizabeth II(Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)  passed away on the 8th of September at Balmore castle Scotland, She had the longest reign of any monarch in the history of British monarchs, A reign lasting over 7 decades.

She was the Queen regent of 32 sovereign states over her lifetime, and the longest recorded of any female Head of State in history.

The early life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth was born on the 21st of April 1926, Her father Prince Albert was the Duke of York and would later go on to become King George VI, Her mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the Duchess of York who would later go on to become Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

She was born during the reign of King George V who was her paternal Grandfather, she used to call him Grandpa England with affection, King George was also very fond of her.

She had a sibling in Princess Margeret who would go on to become the countess of Snowdon, both of the little princesses were educated by Marion Crawford, Little Elizabeth called her Crawfie, who would educate the princesses in history, language, literature, and music.

Marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten.

Princess Elizbeth got engaged to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark at the age of 21 on 9 July 1947 but the engagement was not without controversies as Philip at the time did not have any Financial resources or a kingdom as a prince, He had however served in English Navy throughout the Worldwar second.

Before the marriage, Prince Philip would denounce his Greek and Danish titles, and convert to Anglicanism from Greek Orthodoxy. He was then created Duke of Edinburgh.

Finally, Princess Elizabeth was married to Prince Philip on 20 November 1947, They received over 2,500 gifts from all around the world.  Prince Philip’s German relations were not invited to the wedding because Britain was still recovering from the worldwar second and there were a lot of negative connotations that came with the word German.

The couple had four children first of whom was prince Charles on 14 November 1948, and then princess Ann was born on 15 August 1950.

Prince Andrew was born on 19 February 1960, and their last child was Prince Edward who was born on 10 March 1964.

Their marriage would last for 73 years, only ending because of the death of Philip Mountbatten in April 2021.

Perception and approval of Queen Elizabeth II.

From an early age, people had nothing but positive things to say about her, Winston Churchill described her as having an air of authority and reflectiveness even at a young age, and Her cousin Margret Rhodes described her as,  “a jolly little girl, but fundamentally sensible and well-behaved”

A positive perception of Queen Elizabeth would continue throughout her reign, even During 1990 when people were becoming very critical of the Monarchy the approval rating of Queen Elizabeth II did not go down to the point it might be considered alarming.

At the beginning of her reign, she was called the Glamourous ‘fairy tail Queen’ and seen as hope after the horrors of the second Worldwar.

Even though there were ups and downs but overall she was perceived as a good queen, and she always had public support.

Deterioration of health and Death of Queen Elizabeth II.

During most of her elderly years, she was very fit, but the death of her husband seemed to have affected her deeply. After the death of Philip Mountbatten, her health started declining she was seen using a walking stick while making public appearances. 

She was under medical supervision at balmoral castle until, the official statement was made about her death, and a life spanning 96 years, a reign spanning over 70 years finally came to an end.

Her death is going to surely affect the whole world.

Queen Elizabeth had a truly remarkable life she was a good queen, a good mother, and a sign of hope after the worldwar second.

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