PINKWALK: Walk Into Grandeur


The planned project by the Mangalam Group and SSB Group, PINKWALK, will transform the way people shop for lifestyle goods in Jaipur with a daring and avant-garde combination of retail, entertainment, and leisure amenities. Jaipur is ready to become very excited to welcome PINKWALK. With everything under one roof, the planned project by the Mangalam Group and SSB Group is set to become Jaipur’s hottest commercial attraction. The area is a jumble of shops, eateries, offices, a multiplex, studio flats, and other things. Manglam PINKWALK is a painstakingly planned initiative of the city, located in a prominent area of Jagatpura. The project spans an expansive 11,00,000 square feet.

The business complex has top-notch amenities that are perfect for guests of all ages. The property’s units are all still being built. The project provides exceptional and cost-effective real estate options, including studio apartments and commercial showrooms. There is one tower on the well designed site, and each one has advantages of its own.

The largest lifestyle complex in Rajasthan, PINKWALK, is home to a variety of restaurants providing delectable cuisine, sought international fashion names, and much more. It will not only be the city’s favourite site to catch up with friends and a getaway for families, but it will also be every shopaholic’s ideal location. The goal of Pinkwalk is to transform the way people purchase for lifestyle items in Jaipur. Pinkwalk is a commercial area designed with opulence throughout to draw customers from wealthy households.

An iconic construction in Jagatpura that was conceptualised by the Manglam Group is expected to transform the Jaipur shopping scene. The new bustling centre of commercial and residential constructions is located in Jagatpura, the southwest corner of Jaipur, which has modern infrastructure in terms of design, amenities, and connected housing and aspirational people. Jagatpura is a location with a clientele looking for entertainment, high-end retail, and office space. 

Rajasthan’s capital city, Jaipur, contributes to the state’s wealth and prosperity in a variety of sectors, including tourism, jewellery, education, and other businesses. Jaipur has gained prominence on the global stage. Consumers in Jaipur have comparable spending power to those in India’s major cities, according to NK Gupta, chairman of the Mangalam Group.

Due to its concentrated residential structure and relatively high per capita income, the area around PINKWALK in Jaipur offers the most potential for retail. Jagatpura is the most popular location for retail and lifestyle businesses because of the neighborhood’s high residential density, proximity to institutions, and easy connection from all part of the city.

USP: Unique Selling Price

  • Largest mall of Rajasthan
  • 11 million square feet of space for retail, dining, entertainment, offices, and additional luxurious studios
  • Project has the ideal combination of retail establishments, including a hypermarket, supermarket, MBO, EBO, food court, six-screen theatre, and a sizable game zone.
  • It is situated in Jagatpura, the city of Jaipur’s most affluent residential and institutional district.
  • The mall has a large atrium, central air conditioning, a 100 percent power backup system, elevators, and escalators.
  • Basement parking on two levels

Glance at the Features

  • Exterior of the mall: imposing entrance with stunning façade and modern design
  • 16 lifts, including 8 service lifts, and 10 escalators for floor connectivity provide vertical circulation.
  • Interior features include granite or vitrified tile flooring, stainless steel handrails on glass railings, designer false ceilings in lobby spaces, and glass fronts for each shop. a sizable atrium with tastefully designed lighting and ceiling
  • Parking is provided on two levels of the basement, with ground-floor open parking.
  • Lighting includes exterior lighting, interior lighting with thoughtful design, energy-efficient bulbs, and effect lighting in the atrium.
  • Security: Constant surveillance using the most recent technology
  • HVAC: The mall’s air conditioning system (shopping area only)

Retail Infrastructure
“Designed to accommodate both national and international brands, the mall will house both in three major areas for international anchor/multiband premises, huge hypermarket area, six-screen cinema, food court, and gaming zone. International and national brands will be spread up to about 90% area of the mall. A regional or flea market would be built on the lower ground floor, according to Ajay Gupta, director of the Manglam Group.

“PINKWALK is the shopping centre designed for brands to succeed. It will serve as a platform for brands to learn about, be discovered by, invest in, and take part in the next wave of retail and PINKWALK. Many national and international firms are in the last stages of decision-making as they visit the website. We will soon reveal the brands registered in PINKWALK,” he continued.

Customer Insights: A Perfect Retail Mix

  • Quality: The third most important factor in choosing a mall is the inclination of customers for high-quality food and beverage establishments with adequate space, outdoor seating, fresh air, and greenery.
  • Dining: 75% of consumers connect dining with leisure.
  • Loyalty: At least twice a month, 40% of frequent mall customers visit rival businesses.
  • Leisure: Half of all shoppers combine shopping with leisure
  • Grocery: 70% of people who visit a mall do their grocery shopping there, with 42% buying a full trophy’s worth of items.
  • Go Time: Customers are willing to travel a great distance for a unique experience. For a satisfying moviegoing experience, 80% of individuals are willing to travel more than 30 minutes and 25% more than 50 minutes.
  • Meeting with Friends: 42% of shoppers go to malls to hang out with friends.