Humanity’s devotion to human is humanity – Dr. Virendra Kumar, Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment

dr virendra kumar

Dr. Virendra Kumar, Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment had gone to see the Prime Minister’s Museum in Delhi. Knowing the past related to the museum while visiting it. Especially in this museum, his memories related to the Prime Ministers have been preserved. Some personal things related to him like gifts he received, memorabilia (honours, medals, memorials, stamps, coins), speeches of Prime Ministers, ideologies, lectures etc. The saga of India written through the lives and contributions of the Prime Ministers after independence is narrated. PM Museum is also the story of India’s freedom struggle to the making of the Constitution.

But the truth has been said, “Humanity is the devotion of man to man.”

When the Minister Dr. Virendra Kumar was returning home from the museum. At the same time suddenly there was a sight on the road side of a person who was probably mentally weak, he was half naked, hungry in the scorching sun. That’s when the minister focused on that mind. It fell on a weak, weak person. Seeing this condition of his, Dr. Kumar’s mind became fluid.

It naturally came to his mind that this person should be asked about his condition. Why is he here, what is his story? In this sense of curiosity, Dr. Kumar reached home from office. After reaching the same place with some food items and slippers from home, he could not find that person there. After searching for that person along with Dr. Kumar and his colleagues, that person was seen at some distance. Reaching him, he put on slippers, gave him water, Offered juice and biscuits and finally dropped off at RML Hospital in his vehicle for medical help. The operators of NGOs engaged in the work of social service by taking grants from the Ministry of Social Justice are also required to take care of them. Along with this, Dr. Virendra Kumar, Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, made a personal appeal and said that if you see such a person around you, then help him as much as possible or inform him on my Facebook page, we will try to reach him through the ministry. will do.