How Drones Are Changing the Future of India

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The central government is now trying to make the use of drones a part of modern life just like mobiles, computers, and the Internet. The use of drones will be promoted as a mission. Just like under the Jal Shakti Mission, the goal of delivering water from door to door was set. The use of drones in the country will no longer be limited, but it can be used everywhere in everyday life. It can be used from industry to disaster management. It will be used from jawan to farmer.

That is, along with protecting the borders, the drone will also protect the crops in the fields. In this way, it will become a necessity for the people. The central government is focusing a lot on the use of drones in the agriculture sector. Drones have important technical features like sensors and cameras. Through drones, many important problems of agriculture such as where diseases have been found in crops, where pests are present, which nutrients are lacking in crops, etc. can be detected.

Drones will also be used for crop evaluation, digitization of land records, monitoring of plant growth, etc., which will be of great help to the farmers. Timely detection of diseases will reduce the input cost of farmers and increase production. With this, insecticides can be sprayed over a large area in just a few hours. This will save the time of the farmers. The biggest advantage will be that pest management can be done in agriculture at the right time.

Drones were used for the first time in various states of the country to prevent locust attacks last year. Experts believe that in an agricultural country like India, creating skilled workers with drone technology will prove to be a revolutionary step. For this, the central government will promote startups in the drone sector this year. If the youth of the country want to start in the drone industry, then the central government will help them.

The government is changing the policy to promote indigenous drones. Measures like the Drone Rules 2021, PLI scheme for the drone industry, and grants for drones used in the agriculture sector will give a boost to the sector. In the next five years, the drone industry will become self-sufficient. When the demand for drones increases, the manufacturing of the equipment used in them will also start.

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New update for flying drones, certification scheme started for owner and pilot: If you also want to fly a drone, then know about the new rules for this. Because to fly a drone, the owner and pilot must have his license. The Central The government has issued the Drone Certificate Scheme on Wednesday. The government says that it is working towards making a world-leading drone system in the country. After this lakhs of drones of Indian airspace will be able to be used with complete safety. Let us know what is Drone Certification Scheme is.

Let us tell you that after this decision of the government, it will help in creating physical and digital infrastructure in the country. Getting a drone certification is not that difficult for anyone, its process is quite easy.

The Drone Certificate Rules were issued by the government in August 2021. According to these rules, people will be successful in establishing a global certification and good framework for drones. Because of this commercial drone technology will be able to grow easily with appropriate security measures.

Digital sky platform:

Let us tell you that a Digital Sky platform has been created by the government for drone registration and operation, which is completely digital. With the help of single window of airspace map, PLI scheme, and digital sky platform, it will help in increasing the drone manufacturing industry in the country.

Every user has to register:

To get a drone, it will be very important for every user to register once. Along with this, it will also be mandatory for the owner and the pilot to register for using the drone. To fly a drone in any yellow or red zone, permission will have to be taken first.

After this decision of the government, it will help in creating physical and digital
infrastructure in the country. Getting a drone certification is not that difficult
for anyone, its process is quite easy.