Government Will Use A New Way To Collect Data For 11th Agri Census


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Thursday released the 11th agricultural census to acquire information on numerous parameters, along with operational holdings.

For the primary time, the information might be accumulated via smartphones and drugs.

The fieldwork of the Eleventh Agricultural Census (2021-22) will begin in August 2022, the agriculture ministry stated in an assertion.

Agriculture Census is carried out each five years, which is being undertaken now after a postponement because of the corona pandemic,” it added.

The ministry is enforcing an agriculture census scheme from 1970-71.

The 10th version of the census was carried out with the reference year  2015-16.

The agricultural census is the primary supply of facts on a lot of parameters, consisting of the range and region of operational holdings, their size, class-clever distribution, land use, tenancy and cropping pattern, etc.

The ministry stated that is the primary time that information series for the rural census might be carried out on smartphones and drugs in order that information is to be had in time.

Most of the states have digitised their land information and surveys, if you want to similarly boost up the gathering of agricultural census information.

“The use of digitised land information and the usage of cellular apps for information series will allow the advent of a database of operational holdings withinside the us of a,” the assertion stated.

Tomar stated that this computation will deliver large advantages in a giant and agricultural use of alike India.

The minister stated that the authorities specialize in growing farmers’ income.

“Besides, there’s a want to alternate their preferred way of living, organise small farmers with a purpose to empower them, appeal to them in the direction of remunerative vegetation and make certain the first-class of the produce at par with worldwide standards,” he stated.

Tomar stated that the use of a is unexpectedly transferring in the direction of virtual agriculture.

“This is the time to make complete use  of this computation. He stated that the Agriculture Census needs to be viewed in a broader perspective. Agricultural computations also can make a contribution to the mapping of vegetation in order that the use of a receives its advantages,” he stated.

Tomar requested the primary departments, nation governments and involved establishments to perform this census with complete dedication.

On the occasion, the minister launched the ‘Handbook on Operational Guidelines for Census’ for the usage of states/UTs, and released the ‘Data Collection Portal/App’.


What are the advantages of measuring farm practices with the technology to be had today?

There are 4 fundamental advantages for farmers who embody the usage of information equipment:

  1. Measurement information can assist farmers to better control their operations – the greater facts they have, the greater they are able to make choices which are tailor-made to their farm’s unique needs.
  2. The facts acquired can assist farmers discover efficiencies that result in better productivity and profitability, decrease enter costs, and optimized fertilizer use.
  3. The greater a farmer is aware of his or her farm, the higher their possibilities to bolster delivery chain relationships. Data enables farmers to put off volatility and threat that’s useful now no longer simply to the grower however additionally to the provider – so the provider is more apt to paint with that farmer on a long-time period basis. At the identical time, the information lets the manufacturer paint the delivery chain to assist groups and outlets to grow transparency in their ingredients.
  4. Data series allows farmers to method conservation at a landscape-scale, as opposed to on the farm or maybe the county level. The greater facts growers have, the higher the possibilities to paint collectively with others at a watershed-scale to make knowledgeable choices about conservation priorities.


What does massive information and dimension need to do with sustainability?

While the giant majority of farmers and ranchers have achieved tremendous paintings preserving or growing soil fitness the use of conservation practices alone, dimension equipment could be instrumental for making sure a sustainable farming future. In order to preserve yields and meet the meals needs of a developing populace even as additionally shielding herbal resources, we are able to make extra modifications – and information equipment can assist us decide what those modifications have to be.

For example, we want to degree now no longer simply bushels or kilos grown however additionally what occurred to the soil, water and air to get that manufacturing level. For example, excessive stages of nature being counted withinside the soil frequently result in higher yields, and fertilizer optimization can enhance water quality.